Your grand design - built in days

Eco-friendly prefabricated buildings 

Our one-stop-shop approach manufactures a sustainable building to your design off-site, for assembly by our expert technicians - more quickly and at a lower cost than conventional construction methods. 

Unlimited possibilities

We work with your designs without having to compromise to work with set module sizes or adaptations of standard designs.

More than timber frame

Our philosophy is to finish what can be finished offsite in a factory quality controlled environment working to manufacturing, not construction tolerances. This also has the benefit of reducing the number of sub-contractors and time onsite for a faster, higher-quality build. 

Our advanced closed panel wall elements are manufactured at one of Europe’s leading facilities.  The wall panels can be delivered complete with the external finish/cladding, doors and windows, air-tight/breather membranes and insulation. First fix electrical, water, waste and ventilation services can also installed in the walls at the factory.

The wall panels are closed internally with Fermacell gypsum fibreboard for a masonry type finish.650m2 - two floor building

Europe's secret prefabricated building company now in the UK

You won't have seen us on Grand Designs (yet) but our supplier has over 60 years of experience and delivered in excess of one million square metres of quality prefabricated buildings to their regular customers in Europe’s most demanding markets including -  Austria, France Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Euro Kit Buildings has successfully completed projects large and small from public buildings, to commercial and domestic projects - check out our blog for the latest news.

Specialist glulam construction

We are specialists in delivering feature glulam roofs, bridges and indoor sports facilities with large open spans.

Our in-house engineers interpret your design to Eurocode 5 with custom straight and arched glulam beams manufactured at the same factory as the wall elements. 

Where possible our architects also choose to use glulam as a sustainable alternative to steel to strengthen walls and floors of our closed panel timber frame system.

Golf restaurant  

Hybrid steel and glulam frame

When steel is a requirement our architects and engineers design hybrid steel and glulam timber frame structures. The steelwork is sourced from our local partners providing a one-stop-shop under the same CE - European Type Approval.

Bespoke joinery

Engineered timber, composite wood aluminium windows and doors, stairs and screens including complex geometrical designs, are handcrafted in the same factory as the walls, reducing opportunities for mistakes and delivery issues.

Aluminium and PVC doors and windows are sourced from local partners who use the best quality profiles and fittings - typically from German suppliers.

Doors and windows are installed installed in closed timber frame panels in accordance with the RAL installation Guidelines to ensure air-tightness.

Award winning quality & value

Our closed panel timber frame system has European Technical Assessment from the Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik (DIBt) (German Centre of Competence for Construction). Every panel undergoes six stages of quality control at manufacture and is stamped with the CE approval. 

The Swiss are renowned for quality and as some of Europe’s most demanding customers. Our factory was thrilled to be awarded a five star QUDAL medal. The medal - is only awarded to those products and services that offer consumers the greatest level of quality.

They were totally knocked-out when awarded a Swiss "Best Buy Award" medal at the same time. Products and services receive the "Best Buy Award" only after being subjected to intensive consumer research and wining first place in their respective category. 

What projects will you take on?

We will consider most projects with contract values from around £100,000 up to £1.5 million including; custom homes, high-quality housing and apartments, university accommodation, hotels, nursing and retirement homes, school, community, sports pavilions, clubhouses and commercial buildings.  We can work either directly for the client’s agent or with contractors, developers.

We will also undertake design and build projects.

How we work

The earlier we are involved with your project the better– it may be that we have done something similar already and walls and structure can be designed to best work with our system.

Alternatively we will take drawings or sketches, adapt the design where necessary for our system and provide a sample specification, budget and programme. 

We deliver our best value when providing the completed building fabric on foundations prepared by others. The building is handed over ready for finishing by follow on trades and fit-out. This model works well with one contractor handling the preparation and finishing with Euro Kit supplying the building fabric under a separate contract.

Depending on your project and location we can also offer a turnkey full-project managed approach. 

Projects - past, in build, in design, in the pipeline

  • Two storey sports pavilion with curved glulam roof
  • Custom low-energy house(s)
  • School library
  • Curved roof Swim Spa building
  • Contemporary curved roof cricket pavilion with curved roof
  • Marina chandler shop, boat sales and office complex - flood proof
  • Indoor cricket centre
  • Indoor football facility
  • Football stand 
  • Country park visitor centre
  • Independent living facilities for a care home
  • Conference facility and accommodation